Welcome to Elite Team

Hi to all !

The Elite Team is a clan on Clash of Clans and has a good level and especially fun.

Dear clashers ,



You 're tired of playing alone? You 're tired of illiterate general ? Clan "Elite team" is for you ! You dream of playing with Jorge Yao of North 44 ? Forget it, you do not have the level!


Our warriors are experienced in the art of attack and defense . With us, quality comes before quantity ! We will always be here to support you and advise you ! We are united and together we are making progress and share in a good mood and tactical mind.


You are active , and you have 1500 trophies ? Come give it a try by posting your application on our forum !


At the moment, we are not looking fat levels trophies. The farm is widely permitted and even encouraged !

There is no point starting the race trophies too quickly , it would only slow our progress. Our long- term top 200 ranking .

Oscar Wilde said: " Always shoot for the moon because even if it fails , you land among the stars "

We give default archers ( as a rule lvl 5 +) but also special requests will be answered .

The grade of Clan Elder is assigned based on merit but seniority, after meeting the Council of Elders .


Please note: we do not support sms language , insults and disrespect of others ! We respect everyone and our enemies first!


If adventure tries you no longer hesitate ! Post your application here or on our forum you briefly describe (age, city , level, level archers, number of cabins ...).


Our Moral Code and the few rules below will be helpful to you as a good understanding of the clan remains unchanged !




- Honor : This is follow a moral code and have an ideal way to behave with dignity and respectably .

- Fidelity : It is the duty and the inescapable need to keep its promises and meet its commitments .

- Sincerity : It is the quality of those who do not disguise his feelings or his thoughts, those who know to be genuine.

- Courage : This is the fortitude that braves danger and suffering. Bravery, enthusiasm and especially the media will have the courage.

- Kindness : This is one of the marks of courage. It denotes a high humanity and urges us to be respectful of life and others

- Humility : It's knowing how to be humble , free from pride and vanity .

- Righteousness : This is follow the line of duty and never deviate . It allows us to take no weakness a fair and reasonable decision.

- Respect : This is know how to treat people and things with respect. This is the first duty of a true warrior .

- The Self-Control : This is the essential quality of any warrior because it determines its effectiveness . The code of honor and morals of each warrior should be based on the acquisition of such control.




- Respect the moral code of the team.

- Give a troop Max : minimum 500 reset ( the clan elders are responsible for ensuring the gifts of each player ) .

- Be active and join our forum.

- To have fun playing .


We wish you a very good game at all !

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